North China Heavy Machinery

Designed and Research

Designed and Research:


In terms of talent, NCHM has a young, innovative, ambitious and aspiring designing and researching team. This professional team has theoretical knowledge and rich and practical experience in aluminium rolling equipment designing and manufacturing.

This group is made up of more than 80 technical personnel, including mechanical, hydraulic, electrical/electronic and other technical experts. They have the research and development, installation commissioning, and year of operational experience.

In terms of technology, NCHM organized technical discussion frequently in company for keep technology. And also actively participate in academic exchange to draw new technique, new experience to promoting creativity and perfection. Through years of technology accumulation and understanding of customers requirements, NCHM has developed a number of new products for customers such as. 2250mm Aluminium Hot Mill, Roll Caster for Magnesium (Mg) and lead (Pb), etc.


NCHM  has implemented a Project Management System in order to deliver all the Projects according to the time, cost, specifications and standards contacted with the Customer.

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